Friday, July 22, 2011

日本語のh力試験 (JLPT)。

It's that time again—JLPT season! Last year I signed up to try N3 (the new level 3, as restructured last year), but as the date approached I realized I was way behind and wouldn't be able to catch up in time, so I abandoned that effort. By this year's test, in December, I'll have an additional year of study and almost six months to prepare specifically, so maybe it can work. My biggest problems are vocabulary and kanji, so that's what I'll want to focus on.

The next question is which level to attempt. N1 and N2, the highest levels, are off the table for now—too far above my ability. I wouldn't want to take N5, since that's similar to the old level 4, which I passed two years ago. N4 seems very possible, but although it's more difficult than old 4 it's not very exciting to update "4" to "N4". N3 is a stretch right now but may be possible if I really apply myself. The deadline for registration seems to be September, so I'll have to decide by then whether and which; my strategy at the moment is to prepare sequentially—N5, then N4, then N3—and see where I stand come September. The tests are cumulative, so even the review will help.

So—ガンバリマショウね。 I've gathered some materials from the web and begun organizing. We'll see how it goes.

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