Saturday, March 10, 2012

Hyakunin Isshu again, and utagaruta.

After tea class today, Sさん was kind enough to drive me home. Turns out she's interested in 百人一首 (hyakunin isshu), collections (or, one collection in particular) of "100 people, 1 poem (each)". I learned a bit about it from 習字の先生 a few months ago and find it fascinating. And...Sさん has an app for it! Seems there are quite a few, actually, in English and Japanese and both. Looking forward to learning more. Sさん and I agreed that one day we'll play 歌がルタ (utagaruta) together, the card game in which you choose the second part of a famous poem (eg, from the Hyakunin Isshu) to match the sung or intoned first part, as fast as you can. Looks like there's a DS app for karuta:

And here's karuta at school:

It would take me years to actually be able to play that, but what a fun thing to learn! Sさん's app for 百人一首 also has the vocal track; I wonder how the singers learn to sing it.

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  1. 「百人一首」は、和歌を勉強するにはとてもいい教材かもしれませんね。中学生ころから、「百人一首」は知っていますが、自分が知っているのは、二首ぐらいだと思います。