Monday, November 29, 2010


Today's shuuji lesson was tripartite: 連綿 (renmen), then 変体仮名 (hentaigana), then 漢字 (kanji). I had an unusually good feel with my kofude today; I needed quite a few iterations of each task, but I felt more in control than I usually do. As last time, I needed more time on renmen than on hentaigana; I have trouble moving my hand down the paper fluidly enough to connect the characters seamlessly and with correct alignment and appropriate width and curve of lines. Today's sets were わけ, あめ, and のし. Had the usual tough time with kaisho; in 寒鳥喧, I had surprisingly little trouble with 右払い but had some line-length issues with 鳥 and was totally at a loss on the spacing of 喧. In 喧 I'm lost from the placement of the first 口. I've been practiving the renmen and hentaigana a bit before bed; maybe I'll take a little suzuri and a kofude to work tomorrow and practice surreptitiously....

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