Friday, July 2, 2010

On not being able to comment through Y! Japan....

I've tried a few times to sign up for Google Japan to comment on 主婦さん's post on nutrition, but 出来なかった, so here's what I wanted to say:
実は。。。There are parents here in アメリカ who were raised to leave nothing on the plate—the influence of the Depression of the 1930s, when you couldn't be sure there would be food at all. "Waste not, want not" ですね. (「もったいない」の表現は大体同じだと思います。)But here our nutrition problem is probably about not only education but supply—in some areas, fresh fruits and vegetables are available but not affordable.

ところで, I believe the palate does change as we grow older; 子供 may be more sensitive to some substances (like onion) and reject them as too strong. でも、食べ物は子供の時食べたくなくて大人の時食べたいのがありますね。(?) There are many foods that as children we dislike but as adults we like. 例えば Brussels sprouts—they're the classic child-hated food, but here in フィラデルフィアのレストラン they're served as a delicacy. 美味しいですよねー。


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