Friday, January 28, 2011

Quotations by Matsushita (2).

Another quotation by 松下幸之助 (Kounosuke Matsushita):

otagai no choushoketten o yoku shiriai,

soshite ketten o okinaiau.

soko kara kyoudou no shigoto no hatten ga umareru.

By getting to know each other's strengths and weaknesses, you can make up for each other's weaknesses. Then you can really start working together. ("From there, the growth of shared work is born.") More comprehensible than that last one. Are there rules for omitting と in phrases like 左右 and 長所欠点?

Another by Matsushita:

kunan ga kureba sore mo yoshi,

junchou naraba sara ni yoshi,

to iu kokorodzumori o tsune ni mochi,

hito ichibai no hataraki o tsumikasaneteyuku koto ga taisetsu da to omou.

この名言は僕にもっと分かりにくいと思うが。「という心づもり」and 「人一倍」are throwing me off. "Come good fortune or bad..." the important thing is to stick to your plans and build up your efforts? Accumulate your works? 持ち。。。積み重ねてゆくことが大切だ。

One more:

ningen to iu mono ha,

tashou konnan ya shuppai ga atta ga

yori ooki na ikigai wo kanjirareru mono de aru.

So.... For human beings, a few reversals and failures make us all the more sensitive to our larger purpose in life? Man is a creature that by enduring difficulties and setbacks is more able to focus on larger things? Problems with 多少 and より. I just don't get より, maybe because I tend to think of it as "less" because in ほう。。。より expressions it follows the thing that is outdone by the other thing. AのほうがBよりいいだろう。 And I almost want a なる form around 感じる, as in "as we endure, we become"—but no such luck.

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