Sunday, July 1, 2012

蝿; 挨拶.

So yesterday, when that fly appeared and buzzed around the tea sweets, I made up a lame haiku about it:
hae sama mo okashi no mae ni aisatsu ne
even for you, Lord Fly, before the sweets, aisatsu
(I'm pretty sure the grammar is wrong, but it's tough with haiku, and anyway that's what occurred to me.)

Aisatsu is the formal bow/greeting before tea class, in which one asks the teacher for a lesson (and the guests for their patience). It's done when one has barely entered the room, when the feet are just past the threshold. The fukusa isn't yet tucked into the obi, because it's possible that the teacher will decline to give you a lesson; only if the teacher agrees can you return to the mizuya and gear up to make tea.

The fly entered the room without aisatsu, so no sweets for him!

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