Monday, May 10, 2010



Thinking about について, ni tsuite, "about". Do you suppose it's derived from 付く (tsuku)? I can see a rationale for it. Tsuku is one of those verbs that keep appearing where you don't expect them, like kakeru. (Depending on kanji, kakeru can be about running, hanging, telephoning, betting, flying....) Generally tsuku is about sticking or attaching, 林檎についての質問がある。I have a question attached/connected to apples. I suspect tsuku is also behind the "included" sense of "one night, two meals" in hotel vocabulary.

Of course, depending on kanji, tsuku can also be about stabbing, haunting, immersing, pounding rice....

ADDENDUM: Reviewing vocab from Genki ch. 17. Turns out かける can also mean getting a perm. There's just nothing that verb can't do.

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