Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Grammar: まだ何も書いてあっていない?

So I was trying to create a placeholder introductory post, and I wanted to write that "nothing is written here yet", and I ran into a grammar issue. I was going to try まだ何も書いてあっていない—but can I conjugate 書いてある like that?

  • 書く kaku, write

  • もう書いた mou kaita, already wrote/written

  • まだ書いていない mada kaiteinai, not yet written, still haven't written

  • 書いてある kaitearu, written by no one specified

  • 何かが書いてある nanika ga kaitearu, something is written [here, by someone unspecified]

  • 何も書いてない nanimo kaitenai, nothing is written [here, by anyone]

  • もう何か書いてあった mou nanika kaiteatta, something was already written here

  • まだ何も書いてあっていない mada nanimo kaiteatteinai, nothing's been written here yet


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