Wednesday, May 5, 2010

"Shura no Hana" (修羅の花).

Intended to kick off Japanese-language blog with an explication of the lyrics to Meiko Kaji's "Shura no Hana" -- but immediately found a much better attempt than I could produce! There are still some points I'd like to ask about, but props to CATOさん.

Took me forever to figure out 逸れ犬の遠吠え, the far-away barking of a stray dog. Things I'm still not clear on include (but are not limited to) these:
  • 因果な重さ見つめて歩く: walks with eyes fixed on a karmic weight? I want it to be that the speaker is weighed down with this desire for vengeance, but—assuming I can assume an omitted between 重さ and 見つめる and that the is adjectival—it's hard to think of weight as something one can fix one's eyes on while walking.
  • 委ね: どうして「委ね」じゃないか分からない。 A -て form would make more sense to me, right now.
  • 泣いた雨と風: I want a subject for 泣く. I assume this 泣く somehow connects with the wind and the rain, but how かも分からない.
  • 水もに vs 水面に: minamo ni (in the surface of the water) seems to make more sense, but mizu mo ni (even in the water) seems like it might also work, and in the Meiko Kaji recording I have, she pretty clearly says みずもに.

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