Thursday, June 3, 2010

歌詞:「愛燦燦」。 ("Ai sansan")

Looking at translations has been really helpful, because I was a little off on 愛燦燦. Some insights:
過去たち and 未来たち do indeed mean "things of the past" and "things of the future". Things of the past do indeed rest gently on our eyelashes, but things of the future "await us and smile" (人待ち顔して微笑む)—there's hitomachigao.

雨燦燦 is a streaming shower, a downpour.

思い通り is not omoidouri but omoidoori.

失くす(nakusu) is to lose sight of. So, 思い通りにならない夢を失くしたりして is losing sight of dreams that haven't yet come true as we've wanted them to.

かわいい in this sense may be pure-hearted, rather than the usual cute. Will have to look that up somewhere.
Here's a good translation.

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