Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Next Page on Chestnut has Japanese books.

Yesterday I stopped by Next Page, the Library's new book shop on the south side of Chestnut between 7 and 8, having heard from an interested friend that there were Japanese books to be had there. Are there ever! Dozens of short novels, many apparently by 池波正太郎, IKENAMI Shoutarou. I bought the first two whose title I could read, 雲ながれゆく and おれの足音. Also bought a nice edition of The Book of Tea, in Japanese and English parallel text. They're over my head, but I think looking through them will help me to identify kanji and grammar patterns that I really need to know. (I've looked at kanji frequency tables before, but they tend to be based on newspapers, and I'm more interested in literature than in news.)

So, any student who may read this and be in the Philly area, head to Next Page to pick up some fun Japanese lit and support the Library.

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