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歌詞: 「人生が二度あれば」 (lyrics: "Jinsei ga Nido Areba")

Not sure how to go at the title, jinsei ga nido areba. "If There Were Second Chances"? "If You Had It to Do Over Again"? The topic could be Inoue, his parents, the listener.... 二度 is a two times, "if life had two times", or probably even "if life has two times", since there's nothing particularly past about that conditional と思うけど.

作詞:井上陽水 作曲:井上陽水
music and lyrics by INOUE Yousui

chichi ha konnen nigatsu de rokujuugo
Dad turned 65 this February
[in this video, Inoue sounds like he's saying し at the end of the line instead of 五. Does he mean 六十四? did he update these lyrics as birthdays passed?]

kao no shiwa ha fueteyuku bakari
face going all wrinkled
[what's the deal with しわ in katakana? emphasis?]

shigoto ni oware
looking for work

このごろやっと ゆとりができた
konogoro yatto yutori ga dekita
now he finally has a little breathing room

chichi no yunomi chawan ha kaketeiru
Dad's teacup is chipped

soreni ocha o irete nondeiru
but he still drinks tea from it

yunomi ni utsuru jibun no kao o jitto miteiru
gazing at his own face in his teacup
[this に is confusing me. 写真の写だね。]

人生が二度あれば この人生が二度あれば
jinsei ga nido areba kono jinsei ga nido areba
if life came twice

haha ha kotoshi kuugatsu de roku juu shi
this September Mom will turn 64

kodomo dake no tame ni toshi totta
grown old just for her kids' sake

haha no hosoi te tsukemono ishi wo mochiageteiru
her thin hand holding up tsukemono ishi (a pickled-vegetable stone?)
[インタネットさんによると、漬物石 tsukemonoishi are stones of various weights that you put on top of vegetables that you are pickling.   ]

sonna haha o mite(i)ru to jinsei ga
dare no tame ni aru no ka wakaranai

looking at that mother, I don't know what life's for.
[whom life's for? だれのたみに、but that doesn't seem to work.]

kodomo o sodate kazoku no tame ni toshioita haha
a mother grown old for her family, raising kids

人生が二度あれば この人生が二度あれば
jinsei ga nido areba kono jinsei ga nido areba
if life came twice

父と母がこたつでお茶を飲み 若い頃の事を話し合う
chichi to haha ga kotatsu de ocha o nomi
wakai goro no koto o hanashiau

Dad and Mom sit at the table, drinking tea,
chatting about their younger days

想い出してる夢見るように 夢見るように
omoidashite(i)ru yume miru you ni yume miru you ni
remembering, as if in a dream

人生が二度あれば この人生が二度あれば
jinsei ga nido areba kono jinsei ga nido areba
if this life came twice....

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